Youth Ministry

An app for OS X users designed to help you get tasks done quicker and more intentionally,
so you can focus on the important things that got you into ministry in the first place.

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Get Organized

Youth Ministry is full of small tasks, little details that help make things go smoothly. This app is built to help you track and manage all those small tasks, so you can put your attention where it needs to be.

Non-Linear Workflows

Work on different components of your project as you have time, and have all the information right where you need it.

Retreat Planning

The Retreat Planning template helps you collect all of the different sorts of information that go into planning an effective retreat. IT also helps you track your progress, so you can see how close you're getting to having all the details worked out.

Team Building

The Team template helps get yous tarted in organizing and leading anew team, whether that be a mission team, a leadership team, or some sort of ministry team.It helps you think through the group's purpose and strategies, and track what happens in group meetings.

Where do I start?

A lot of Youth Ministry work is "fuzzy". It can be hard to know where to start or what to do next. The Youth Ministry Templates included here will help you get going on tasks you've been putting off, giving you direction for your work.

Eliminate "Gotchas"

How many times have you had that one detail that you left undone that you didn't realize until it was too late? Using the templates in Youth Ministry will help you make sure you've got all the bases covered, so you spend less time worrying or troubleshooting, and more time being fully focused on your work.