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One of the best things about youth ministry is that it is a collection of lots of different kinds of tasks and roles—almost no two workdays end up being exactly the same! And yet, there are certain tasks that end up being repeated. Some of those tasks are like the grunt detail work that needs to be pulled off to have a great retreat or mission trip. Volunteers have to be recruited and assigned roles, housing has to be booked, meals have to be planned, etc. And on the other end of the spectrum, everything you do needs to have some “big picture” flavor. You have to pause and reflect on what you’re trying to accomplish with this retreat, or how this particular team’s work fits into an overall mission.

The core of this app is to help collect those common youth ministry workflows and help you develop systems for getting those things done. And while we recognize that the heart of ministry isn’t sitting at your laptop all day, having a specialized app can help support you in the real work of ministry in some specific ways:

  • It can help you avoid “Gotchas”, the little details that are easy to overlook, and then create frustration for you, coworkers, kids and parents.
  • It can help provoke you to make sure some important steps, like explicitly thinking about purpose and mission, don’t get lost in the avalanche of details.
  • It can help you collect information into a single location, wrapped together so you can not only use it at a given event, but also find it later when you have a question or are ready to plan a similar event.
  • It can help you know what needs to be done next. Let’s face it, how many times have you come to the office, fired up the laptop, only to get stuck on social media, etc, simply because you didn’t know what to do next? An app like this can help you focus on what needs to get done, and DO IT. Then, you can shut your computer and go make a difference.
  • It can also let you know how close you are to getting something done. How much is left before you’re really ready for that fall retreat? That can be a fuzzy question, but having something that tracks your work makes it possible to get a much clearer answer.
  • It can help you share information (and work) with others. If you’re in a setting with multiple coworkers, an easy way to share tasks would be to store and share the document files for the app with a service like Dropbox. That way, everybody can be on the same page about what needs to be done, and can get to important information quickly. (Note: this assumes each user has the app installed.)

Documents (workflows/templates/project types/recipes)

The app is built around a (growing) set of document types that represent different kinds of work. These templates or workflows guide you through the processes, helping you think through both big questions and small details.

At launch, the app includes two types of documents: Retreats and Teams



4 thoughts on “Help

  1. It would be nice to add a few tweaks to make it for a Men’s Retreat, Women’s, Marriage, etc…
    The following features would be nice:
    – I you had the ability to change the number of speakers.
    – Ability to send out alerts to selected users with assignments
    – Gant chart would be nice
    – Multiple retreats with selectable Overview Menu and overall bar chart beside with percentage done bar

  2. Great app. It would be very useful if the app was available for an iPad or iPhone. Don’t know if you are working in that direction. Love the app but very rarely do I work with my team with computer in front of me. I use iPad with them. We all use them. (and iPhones). thanks again. I hold festivals for youth and train and take youth on mission projects around the USA and World. The team building and retreat part of app is very helpful. Mission projects, service projects, and outreach events would be another good tool. God bless, Keith


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